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Why DIY Pest Control is A Bad Idea?

When pests knock on the doors, sometimes homeowners like to think they can take power into their own hands. Unfortunately, many manufacturers offer temporary solutions that allow customers to feel in control but come with serious risks.

 Before we go into your all-in-one solution to Pest Control Geelong, let’s take an in-depth dive into why you should avoid DIY pest control solutions.

Dangerous Accidents

Now that we’ve discussed the harmful chemicals in DIY pest control products, we have to discuss the reality of dangerous accidents. When you are unsure how to control insect extermination correctly, you expose yourself to the hazard of an accident or getting hurt.

It isn’t just the product and method you must beware of. Sometimes it’s the pests. For example, if you’re trying to get rid of a yellow jacket on your own, there’s a chance you could get pricked or chased by a swarm. If this is the case, we highly advise you should hire professionals for pest control.

Pest Control Geelong

Risk Of Using The Wrong Product

If this is your first experience with an infestation, you may find yourself standing in a shop aisle staring at shelves of different pest control products, all claiming to do the exact thing. You read the packs and hold two products in your hands, comparing them.

Unfortunately, since you do not have the expertise, you aren’t sure what is truly the best product. You’re at the hands of a product’s advertising right now!

If you use the wrong product, you could risk harm to your family and yourself, or it may not be effective in solving the pest problem at all.

Leaving The Root Problem Untreated

The issue with DIY pest control is that the root of the problem is often left untreated. The products and methods you use will likely only cover the pest problems you can see. Deep-rooted issues can still lurk in your walls, attic, or house.

Professional pest control Geelong services can identify and get to the underlying issue of your pest control problem to fix and prevent it from happening again.

Spending More Time And Money

Most people don’t want to contact a professional exterminator is their fear of spending money. But what if we told you that DIY pest control could cost you more in the long run?

Imagine buying pest control products every few months to temporarily solve your problem. Add in the time you spend driving back and out to the store, researching products, and applying the toxicant. (and hope it works) – it’s quite a lot of money, time, and energy spent.


DIY pest control seems like the right way to save a bit of cash, but it’s truly a terrible financial decision and could be dangerous to your health, too!

If you’re a Geelong homeowner wondering why not to DIY pest control, consider the points made above — and then call the leading provider of pest control Geelong services.

With professional, environmentally safe pest and effective control solutions, you can rest assured your family and home are protected.


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